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Hi, I am Sunaina and I have been working as Agra escort since last 5 years but never cared to tell my story with others. So this time I finally thought of speaking out my feeling and my stories so that other people at home can read and appreciate things I have experienced in my life so far. Though, nearly all my stories are very interesting, but some of them are just unimaginable. So, I thought of sharing them because somebody said that awesome thing should be shared without any hesitation. So this story is about me having a weird interaction with a couple who wanted to try something new in their life. But before we move on to that, let me tell you something about myself. I am born and brought in Agra itself and I was always fascinated by erotic movies that we used to watch in our schooling days. I always had this never ending desire to be with strangers and get involved in acts that involves eroticism. This is the prime reason I started working as Independent escorts in Agra. But since then I have worked with various clients from all over the world, but I have never indulged in something known as threesome where married couples look for escorts to spice up their boring love life.

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So I got a call from a female saying that she needed me for some erotic services. First I declined because I don’t like making love to females, because that is not my thing. But later she explained the entire scenario that her husband is a very romantic man but since the birth of their child she is unable to satisfy her husband, and she wanted to hire someone to do that. I was very touched to hear that problem and I really wanted to help this couple in their hard times.So we managed to fix an appointment where everything was arranged and the couple were waiting for me. This was definitely one of the weirdest experiences since the time I started working as Agra escorts. So, I knocked on the door and to my surprise the lady opened the door, and she was damn amazing, and after having a quick glance at the husband I was really shocked, because he was really handsome and he could have attracted millions of hearts with just a single smile.Later both of them explained me carefully that they are always inclined towards experimenting and they wanted to experience something new this time. But women in India are not open to so many things, so they thought of hiring an escort in Agra for this purpose.

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I mutually agreed to their point and later started drinking with them. After few rounds of scotch and whisky I was really having a good time and things started to get little naughty when her wife took the first step of touching me all over, and soon enough her husband started getting cosy with me. Things were really romantic and passionate and we ended having the most amazing nights of our life.Agra is the only city in India where dreams do come true, and if you are living in Agra then the chances of your success are really high. So, if you have been working Agra hoping for some success, then you must work hard, but in spite of hard work sometimes you feel lonely inside and feel that you deserve to be happier. Well, this is not an uncommon feeling, as many people working in Agra feel the same. They feel as if something is taken away from them and they are just living a dead life. Well, working is definitely good, but what if you are not happy, then what is the meaning of working so hard. If you are working for your future then you should be happy and alive. If you are seriously looking for someone with whom you can overcome your boredom then Agra escorts are the best option for you.

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you can overcome your boredom then Agra escorts are the best option for you. These escorts are not just here to relieve your stress, but they also ensure that you are satisfied with their services. They believe in customer satisfaction policy and for that sake they put in extra effort. Below we have mentioned some important points about Agra escorts that shall explain you the basic advantages of hiring an escort.They are hot as hell – Escorts in Agra are known for their hot body and stunning moves. They have really beautiful hour glass figure that is really not easy to find these days. Once you have seen their hot body, it will be hard for you to get satisfaction from other women. Not only their body but their entire attitude is really hot. The way they talk and the way they treat you will make sure that satisfaction is now coming your way.

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Even these call girls in Agra love to share and enjoy their drinks with their clients. As per them, having few drinks before going to bed is not only going to make the whole thing enjoyable but it will also enhance the pleasure. This is why we say that out Agra call girls are so amazing and they are very open-minded women who love to talk and sleep with their clients.

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